Yuletide Whimsy

Monday, February 20, 2012

Vegas, Baby!

Only a few more days until I head to Las Vegas for the Creative Painting Conference! I'm getting excited now...well, I've been excited since I signed up last June...but I had to contain myself for several months while I waited and waited and waited and waited for February to pass and the time to come when we climb in the car and GO! I'm very excited to have several of my painting friends from here going to the conference, too! Two of my friends will fly out and back. The rest of us are convoying over I-70 and I-15. What a hoot! I'm taking 10 classes this year...so I'm taking the week after off of teaching my classes. I figure I'm going to need that week to recuperate and finish up any unfinished projects from Vegas. Plus I must drool over all my new stuff--stuff I really need to add to my stash! You know, new patterns, books, brushes, paints, and surfaces...oh my! LOL I'm taking classes with Willow Wolfe, Della Wetterman, Jamie Mills-Price, Lynne Deptula, Janice Miller and, finally, from Priscilla Hauser! I know that's not 10 but I can't remember all of them at the moment. I'll be painting folk art, roses, snowmen, beach scenes, butterflies...I'm even trying a colored pencil class of a Grizzly bear and her cub! I guess you can probably tell I'm getting more excited by the minute. I'd best get to sleep and get my strength up for Vegas, Baby!
Happy Trails to you...Michele