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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update on Classes

Exciting news! We have 5 people signed up already for our Tuesday morning class...the Beginner/Refresher Class AND 5 people signed up for the Thursday evening Beginner/Refresher Class! If you're thinking about signing up...please do so soon. I want to be sure there's room for everyone.

BTW~I have a new pricing structure for classes beginning in September. Class fees will be $10/class if paid by the month. If you'd like to drop in for a class or a specific project, the class fee will be $15/class you drop in. For example, if you're not taking classes every week but just have to take the next project...you'll pay $15/class for however long the project lasts.

I am also re-structuring the seminar fees...more on that later.

There are pictures on the blog of the Beginner/Refresher class projects...please take a look and contact me soon!
Until we meet again...
Happy Trails to you,

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