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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A brand new experience...

Well, fellow bloggers...I'm embarking on a brand new experience! I've read my friends and families' blogs and now it's time for me to try my hand at it.

I've been searcing for a way to reach more people to share my love of tole and decorative painting. My daughter and some of my friends suggested I try a blog. So...here I am.

As I've mentioned in my profile, I've been painting for over 30 years. I started taking classes in oils, learning Priscilla Hauser's method of tole painting back in the early '80's. My teacher, Marjorie Richardson, has become a wonderful friend and mentor. I try to emulate her teaching style with my own twist. What a tremendous adventure I began all those years ago. Who knew it would lead me here...

We moved a few years after my first classes to a small town in rural eastern Colorado. There was a tiny shop there with a lady who taught her style of tole painting in acrylics. I was still painting with oils and thought--why don't I give this a try. A teacher was born! I had a loyal following for several years. When Estelle closed her shop and moved to California I wasn't sure what I'd do. So, I found a cute little shop in Evans, Colorado, and a wonderful lady there to teach me how to transfer my skills from oils to acrylics. Fun was had by all!

We then moved on to Denver where I really began to hone my skills teaching tole and decorative painting in acrylics. My husband's career in the oil and gas industry has taken us to many places over the years and I've met some really wonderful people while teaching tole and decorative painting.

We are back in western Colorado now and I'm teaching at The Artist's Haven. Watch for more information to follow...

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  1. Glad you have started a blog. NOW I want to see some pictures of some of your AWESOME work. LIke your chicken shutters you did while patiently guiding me thru my chicken pantry door.That was a week I will cherish forever. Or some of your beautiful stroke work plates or boxes. SHOW the world the GOODS !!!I am so gratefull to have learned tole with you in Marjories class so many years ago..and YOU took the time years later to teach me acrylics. I did not stay into painting as much as you have over the years, you have got the talent and skill to go anywhere with your painting. Thank You for sharing your talent with me so many times..and the projects you have gifted me of your artwork, I cherish them and display them proudly. YOU are amazing, dear friend.