Yuletide Whimsy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Divine Intervention...

I have to share a funny story...Yesterday afternoon I was headed to Goodwill to find a unique painting surface. I'm wanting to paint something special for my granddaughters and thought this might be a good place to find just that right piece I have in mind. I was driving down the street and saw a store I'd seen before but hadn't stopped in to browse. It's a second hand store and since I was looking for second hand items I thought why not? I took a quick turn into the parking lot and went inside. I looked around for a while in one part of the store and then another. I went by the front counter and inquired about consigning some items I have I'd like to sell and then went on to the other part of the store to look some more. I walked over toward the wall and saw a handpainted wood plaque sitting in front of some other framed pieces. I took a closer look and exclaimed, out loud, I painted that! It was the "Tole Sampler" I had painted back in 1986 as my first teaching sample for beginning tole classes in oils at a shop in Brush, Colorado. Now, what are the chances of that happening? I mean, really! Well, I'd been thinking about this piece for a few weeks, just kind of off and on...you know that funny little thought that just kinda pops into your head? I had to purchase it. The funny thing is it was only $7--which is also kind of a sad thing, too...not really! I was very happy to have it back again. I took it to class last night to share with The Tole in the Wall Gang. They were all duly impressed, I might add.
This Tole Sampler was a duplicate of the first one I painted when I was taking classes with Marjorie and Cheryl a few years before. It is a Priscilla Hauser design, I believe. It was her method they were teaching. What fun I had in those classes. In fact, I had so much fun I repeated Tole I AFTER I took Tole II! I just had to get it right. That's also where I met one of my very best friends ever, Suzie! We are still friends today. See what amazing things can happen...
BTW~I did go on to Goodwill. Didn't find the piece I was looking for but did find a piece that will work for another project I'm planning to paint!
All in all--a great day!


  1. OH... Divine Intervention..or 6 degrees of separation... I wonder where that sampler board has spent its life..and how it got to the western slope. I would pay $7 just to know that!

  2. I did try to find out how it found it's way to that shop, but the gal didn't feel comfortable telling me. I understood, I was just curious...

  3. What a great story! :)

    Welcome to blogging!

    Happy Spring!