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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I forgot!

Sorry, I forgot! I was going to tell you what else I've been painting. I've been having so much fun doing some fabric painting for my oldest granddaughter. I'm painting two summer dresses for her to take on our vacation, or not, she is 5 and does have a mind of her own when it comes to fashion. I am really taking a chance painting these without her prior approval. LOL Anyway, one of the dresses has an old Annie Lang design on it...cute as it can be! The dress is a raspberry color and I painted the cutest little girl on it. She's wearing big sunglasses and a cute pink two piece swim suit. She's carrying a book bag--appropriate for my granddaughter--and an umbrella and towel. She's wearing flipflops--also appropriate. There is sand, starfishes and a couple of seashells. Then I've stenciled on each layer of the skirt. One layer has starfish, the other has swimsuits and flipflops. The second dress is painted with a Diane Bunker pattern. I think it's called under the sea. It's done with puff paint and stencils. The background is painted to look like it's under water with water, coral and plants. First you stencil on fish, seahorses and an octopus! Let them dry, puff and then paint. Too cute! I'll post pictures soon...Happy trails!

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