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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun Day!

I had a really fun day today! Slept in--granddaughter, too! Hurried to get ready to head out to painting. Picked up Lynette and Millie and off we went--after a quick stop at my house on the way back by to turn off the coffeemaker and get Lynnette some breakfast because her electricity had gone out that morning before she could eat--got to Fruita. Taylor worked on her Paint by Number project--using her own colors--a lovely project! Then she decided she would try the scratch art. That turned out well, too!  A cute kitten. Then it's on to painting your own thing on white paper. Well, she decided she'd like to try transferring a pattern after watching Memaw transfer a pattern to the surface I was working on. She did quite well and thought she would try another. Another great project! What a perfect little lady she was today! She had such a good time with all the painting ladies--and they with her. We had a fun lunch and back to painting. We left early as Taylor and I had to get the furry kids to the vet this afternoon. Romeo escaped--he will go another day--soon! Taylor had cupcakes with the front office staff at the vets--thanks to them for their help--and then we're on our way home. We had leftover pizza for dinner and then movie, popcorn snack and Pink Poodle drinks for dessert. Tomorrow moring--pigs in a blanket with Pink Poodle drinks! Alas, tomorrow she must return home! She's not ready--so she says--Memaw may be ready--these youngun's are tiring! Really enjoying our two sleepovers! Happy trails to you...

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