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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Makin' Memories

Took some time off to clean my house! It really needed it and I had a week off teaching classes. I figured there's no time like the present. So, my house is now clean, my fall/winter clothes are put away, all my throw rugs have been washed, my pantry has been re-organized. Boy! Does that feel good?  You bet!
Now for a little fun...Taylor is over for two sleepovers (that's 2 nights for those of you that don't speak small person). We have lots planned. We spent time with Mommy and Lauren today looking for new bedding for her new bedroom in her new house (They are moving in May to a new house--very exciting) then went to dinner at the new Chuck & Kluck restaurant. It was really good food! And the deep fried Oreos--what a nice way to end the meal! They were really good. Who'da thought it? Well, then we watched Shrek III and read three stories and now someone is in Dreamland while I'm up messing on the computer! Tomorrow we go paint with the "big" ladies and out to lunch, then take the "furry" kids to the vet. After that we'll have a special supper, Pink Poodle Sodas and Movie with Movie "Snacks" which are whatever you  make that's different from what you  usually have for snacks. LOL What fun it is to be a MeMaw! Thanks Mommy for letting her come for two sleepovers! Saturday I'll be back at the housework only on the outside now--hope I survive the allergies. Spring cleanup starts the Monday after Easter and I've got to get out and get the dead stuff out of the yard so I can see the spring stuff that's comin' up! Perhaps then...I'll get back to some painting. In the meantime...happy trails to  you...

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