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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gettin' out what you put in...

I have really seen some progress in The Tole in the Wall Gang's painting abilities! The Tuesday night class is working hard on the Trinket Box designed by Judy Diephouse in her Lessons in Strokework 1 Book. We almost finished tonight--that double loading flat comma stroke was just giving them fits. The "buds" were not far behind in the frustration level. We have a week off and then we'll finish up that trinket box and begin working on the Large Floral Bowl/Plate from the same book. These are not only excellent lessons in stroke work/brush control,but they are also beautiful pieces when finished!

The thought for the day would be you get out only what you put in...meaning practice, practice, practice! I can tell who is and who is not. You'd think that you wouldn't have to keep practicing these darned old strokes, but let me just be the first to say if you don't...well, you will struggle some--maybe even a lot. Even the teacher practices!

Hopefully, next week I can post some pictures of the gang with their completed projects! Until then...happy trails to you!

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